The Benefits of Having A Cloud Server

The Benefits of Having A Cloud Server

Cloud technology has been used for more than two decades now, and in Australia it’s been gaining popularity in our business sector since around 2009. Boasting increased flexibility, efficiency and affordability, cloud servers can be customised to suit a wide range of business needs. Here are just five of the many benefits of converting to a private cloud server.

  1. Affordability

    After the initial cross-over, working on the cloud can often provide a steep drop in running costs, particularly if you use multiple servers. Using a virtual server can cut a whole range of costs, such as monthly hosting and purchasing, and maintaining individual dedicated servers.

  2. Security

    With the correct firewalls and anti-virus software in place, security and privacy using a private cloud server is unparalleled. It means being able to have full control over who in your business can have access to individual files, as the server is off-site and therefore not available to employees, which is often where many security breaches occur. A cloud host will also be able to fully monitor the security of your virtual server.

  3. Flexibility

    One of the most attractive aspects of cloud computing is flexibility. A virtual server is far easier to configure than a traditional server, meaning it is able to evolve and grow at the same rate as your business does. If you need to increase RAM, disk space or CPU as the demands of your business change, then it is far easier (and more affordable) to customise the cloud than investing in the purchase of a whole new upgraded server.

  4. Mobility

    With today’s technology now being almost entirely mobile, it makes sense that we need to be able to access our business data and company files regardless of where we are. From sitting in a prospective client’s boardroom to waiting for a flight at the airport, mobile accessibility to all our business documentation using a cloud server is now a mandatory technological expectation in our ever-evolving commercial landscape.

  5. Collaboration

    Cloud technology makes connecting and working with co-workers and clients a snap through the availability of virtual collaboration. Geographical location is no longer a hindrance when it comes to sharing files and other documentation. Access to and working collaboratively on files is instantaneous, removing the need to edit and send file copies back and forth.

For more information on how cloud servers can improve the way you do business, contact one of the friendly team at MediaCloud today!

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