How to Install a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

How to Install a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. MediaCloud offers Let’s Encrypt integration so you can issue free SSL certificates via the control panel in any Shared Hosting plan or Managed VPS service.

Installing a Let’s Encrypt SSL is not only a cost-free solution, but you can install it yourself with just a few clicks and without any of the hassle needed for a conventional SSL. Basically, as long as your domain name is live and pointing to your MediaCloud hosting account, you can install your SSL. And once set-up, the certificate will automatically renew with no further action necessary.


Before Installing the Certificate

Please make sure any domain names (or sub-domains) you’d like to install an SSL on are pointing to MediaCloud. This is because Let’s Encrypt certificates are authenticated by placing a /.well_known/ folder in your site. If your domain’s DNS is not pointing to MediaCloud, it will not resolve, and the certificate will fail to generate.


Step One: Open the Let’s Encrypt Page

From your cPanel hosting account, navigate to the “Security” section and click on the “Let’s Encrypt SSL” button.


Step Two: Choose a Domain Name

Select the domain name you wish to issue an SSL certificate for and click the “Issue” button.


Step Three: Issue the Certificate

Tick the box for any sub-domains you’d like to include and click the “Issue” button.


Step Four: Install Complete

Your SSL is now installed. You can proceed to update your website to use HTTPS.


Step Five: Verify Your Certificate

If you’d like to verify your certificate is installed correctly, you can use a service such as SSL Shopper.


Order MediaCloud Hosting

If you don’t currently have any hosting services with MediaCloud and would like to get set up or migrate your existing hosting services to us, we can help! Setup is free, and you can order online or call us on 1800 797 474 for assistance.

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