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    Sitefinity - Next-Generation Content Management

    Sitefinity supports your online business with an extensive web content management platform. It’s designed to be instantly familiar while providing a safe & predictable environment for multiple stakeholders to collaborate. Numerous features are included out-of-the-box, but new features can be added using standard ASP.NET technologies.

    Supports Any Mobile Strategy

    Don’t let Web Content Management limitations dictate your mobile strategy. Take advantage of the full spectrum of mobile options with Sitefinity. Sitefinity integrates all popular device-agnostic and device specific mobile strategies, so you can engage your customers and empower mobile employees. From Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites to Responsive Design, Sitefinity seamlessly integrates mobile into the content management experience.

    Manage Digital Assets - Search & Reuse

    For any business to gain value from its vast library of digital assets – rich media must be findable and reusable. With Sitefinity Digital Asset Management, don’t just create rich media and dump it into a CMS Media Library – organize your file hierarchy, tag it and use metadata to make it searchable. Go beyond the limitations of an ordinary media library and begin manipulating and editing images, PDFs and documents to lower re-creation costs. Upload a single image for thumbnails and specify multiple sizes to optimize storage for faster performance.

    Broadcast Through Social Media

    Spread your messages through multiple channels by using Sitefinity to publish messages directly to Twitter or Facebook. These messages can reuse existing web assets (content, images, etc.) while still being controlled through permissions. Content can also be syndicated to additional channels using RSS or Atom publishing.

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