OnApp’s global Anycast DNS service is the intelligence behind OnApp CDN.

Hosted by OnApp at datacenters around the world, it automatically directs content requests to the nearest CDN location, and ensures content is delivered as fast as possible using DNS routing to reduce the number of network hops required. This is much faster than traditional DNS configurations used by most other CDNs.

End user content requests are processed by a decision engine, which:

    • Performs DNS lookups and queries a geolocation database to establish the user’s location
    • Combines user location information with the status and location of CDN edge resources, to identify the most suitable edge servers to deliver content
    • Instructs those edge servers to begin content delivery

Integrated with Google & Open DNS

OnApp CDN supports Google DNS and Open DNS through the use of an edns-client-subnet implementation. Google/Open DNS will forward a visitor’s IP to the OnApp Anycast DNS service. Our DNS will be used to find the exact location of the visitor, and the CDN will select the appropriate Edge Server.

Free with CloudServers

Our OnApp Anycast DNS service is free for all CloudServers customers.