• Servers in the Cloud

    Move your traditional hardware servers into the cloud quickly and easily.

    OnApp Powered

    Aimed at small businesses, our OnApp powered cloud provides the core foundation to transform your IT. OnApp offers flexibility, redundancy & expandability.

    Fully managed in the Cloud.

    Save and consolidate your hardware and IT costs by migrating your servers to our cloud infrastructure. Enjoy security, reliability & full control.

    100% Australian

    If your looking to provide your customers the very best service from a local provider then look no further. We're located in the brand new AcureDC3 Data Center Perth

  • Cloud Servers Features

    Advanced Control Panel

    Our Cloud Servers control panel is the fastest, easiest and most customizable way to deploy and manage all of your cloud services.

    From provisioning, basic VM power cycling, and resource management (disk, CPU, RAM, IPs etc) right through to an integrated VM console, you have complete control.

    The control panel features Anycast DNS, load balancers, backups and restoration along with the options to spin up servers and shut them down on demand.

    Anycast DNS

    Cloud Servers gives you access to our fully redundant global Anycast DNS service, free of charge. Our Anycast DNS service is hosted at datacenters around the world.

    Content Delivery Network

    Scale your website to over 140+ locations world-wide. It's easy to accelerate websites, apps, video and other content right from your cloud control panel.

    Your choice of OS

    Cloud Servers includes a huge library of virtual machine templates, ready to run with multiple x86 and x64 flavors of Linux, Windows and Unix. 

    Failover & HA

    Cloud Servers features enterprise-class resilience, with multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover.

    Xen hypervisors

    Xen is probably the most popular hypervisor platform in public cloud services today. MediaCloud supports Xen 3 and Xen 4. 

    Managed support

    Whether it's setting up an email account, backing up a database or configuring your website help is close at hand from our support team


    Cloud Servers has three layers of firewall protection including firewalls on the network, hypervisors and firewalls on individual virtual machines.

    True cloud architecture

    OnApp Cloud is a true cloud platform with self-healing and automatic failover. Its architecture is designed to optimize cloud scalability and resilience.

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    Included with Cloud Servers

    Our next generation CloudServers solution powered by OnApp offers fast, reliable and scalable cloud computing.

    Both Cloud and Managed Cloud Accounts are backed by Australian Support and provide access to:

    • Cloud Servers
    • Cloud Load Balancers
    • Cloud DNS
    • Cloud CDN
    • 24x7x365 Australian Support